If you have a customer service question or require customer service information please call us at
(416) 297-4786

Malvern Mall Walkers meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Food Court. Exercises begin at 8:30AM. For further information please contact the Administration Office. 416-297-4786

Malvern has Tai Chi every Tuesday and Thursday in the Label's Court presented by the Clifford Tail Chi Organization of Toronto. The Tai Chi classes begin at 8:00AM Contact the Administration Office for further information 416-297-4786

Our post office is located inside the Mac's Convenience Store at the plaza level.

Gift certificates may be purchased at the Administration Office located just off the Food Court. They are redeemable at most stores. We accept Cash sales only.

If at any time during a visit to Malvern Town Centre you discover you have lost/misplaced an article, or have been separated from a member of your party, visit the administration office just off the Food Court immediately. If you have found an article please drop it off at the administration office. After hours please have the Lottery Booth radio security.

Malvern Town Centre is committed to making your visit to our Centre a safe and secure one. We offer many services and programs that promote this type of environment for our patrons. To reach our Security, contact the Administration office at 416-297-4786 or go to the Information/Lottery Kiosk which is located in the Food Court and they will radio security. Security coverage for the Shopping Centre is scheduled seven (7) days a week. Security Officers regularly patrol the entire shopping centre and the parking facility around the Shopping Centre.